The Faith Equation

The False Equation of Atheism and Intellectual Sophistication
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However, little community building happens in that hour. It happens in the fellowship before and after. If we are alone, doubt can become a very dark and isolating place. We are called to be in community. When we are amongst people who care, we can open up and express our doubts.

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It is there, among one another, that we can be encouraged and lifted up. Not only does community help us work through our doubts, it can help other believers who have doubts or have ever asked a similar question, who have felt alone, or who feared that they would be judged.

Thomas did this in John Thomas was amongst the other believers despite his doubts. Here he was lifted up and encouraged. For those of us that have someone confess their doubts, we have to be very careful to not dismiss them. Someone brave enough to open up about their doubts is not looking for judgment, but to understand the very questions they have presented.

Equations of Faith - Jon Jorgenson - Spoken Word

Thomas remained in community and there, among those who he had confessed his doubts, he found faith. When we doubt, it can be easy to stop pressing in to God. Praying or meditating on scriptures seems not quite as important, nor does community or church. You see, despite my feelings, I press in to God. I have found that when I press in to God he reveals himself to me in a way that moves me through my doubts to a faith that believes.

Through this pressing, my faith becomes louder and stronger and my faith is talking so loud I cannot hear what doubt has to say. Once Thomas was open, part of a community, and pressed in, he traveled farther than any other disciple, going all the way to India to preach the Gospel, because he so believed they needed a relationship with the Christ that had transformed him. He died there for his faith. The Jesus that Thomas doubted was the Jesus that Thomas was willing to die for.

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Some of you have doubts, and that is a good place to start. Because faith and following Christ is worthy of asking the real questions. The Rev. Alas, it would seem like one-day your Faith is strong and present and the next day, there is confusion as to if Faith ever existed in the first place.

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Predictably, the answer to this famous question is also not too farfetched. Memorized and recited over the years, the most common and generic answer is seen in the popular verse Hebrews which states that Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Easy to quote, yet not totally understood by many who recite it as they have no bearing of the true revelation that lies within nor the principles that guide this very scripture. In simple terms, Hebrews 1 illustrates that having Faith equals having a strong belief and confidence for the receipt of something strongly anticipated and desired.

As simple as this may seem, therein lies the challenge. Many have misinterpreted this to mean that the presence of a resilient desire and strong belief equals Faith at work and evidently yielded results. I dare say that there is more to Faith than strong belief and desire.

Faith is more than wishful thinking! One may then ask, what about believing? We would discover that believing is not Faith in itself, however, believing is part of manifestation the Faith process.

The Faith Equation

You see, for Faith to yield desired and complete results, there are certain principles that must be applied. Indeed, Faith has a formula. Like the baking of a cake, it takes more than strongly desiring the cake. Rather it is also important to take the first step of obtaining the required ingredients and more importantly getting the correct measurement of the ingredients! Let us beginning by highlighting that only the word of God has the capacity to impact Faith in our spirits. To be a man or woman of Faith, one has to be a man or woman of the word; for without the word, Faith cannot be built or developed.

Faith Greater Than Fear; 10 Days Of Faith Using God's Equation

In other words, deep rooted Faith is incubated upon the frequent intake of the word of God. The importance and significant role the word of God plays in the activation of the Faith of the believer can truly not be over emphasized. Indeed, to find you must search. The emphasis remains; There must be a seeking, a searching, a studying for Faith to be built and sustained!

The resultant effect of searching the scriptures will birth the discovery of three vital and paramount components in our Faith walk. They are:.

You will find that the discovery of these components will aid and guide us in what God has promised, the underlying principles that govern these promises and eventually, how to receive our rightful inheritance in Christ. Upon the searching and finding of these promises, the next step to take is getting that word into our spirit by Believing it — Rom By meditation.

by Larry Evans

The Faith Equation [Marvin L. Bittinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Faith Equation Mathematical Evidence for Christianity The. Welcome to the website related to my book The Faith Equation: One Mathematician's Journey in Christianity (FEQ). The book (FEQ) presents a defense.

That is by pondering and thinking through — Josh