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The Printer's Devil
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Printer's Devil Review: Fall 2011

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Know Your English - meaning of "printer's devil"

An ingenious theft, a series of mistaken identities, and a chilling murder. It was a choice that simply didn't need to be there but overall if your searching for a tale with suspense and thrills then The Printer's Devil is for you If you are on a tantalizing search for a story that provides you with mystery, suspense, and a little bit of history than look no further. Link to this page. Smith brings the soon to go out of business Dansburg Courier back into the big time and has the owner of the rival Gazette Mr. Smith is lightning fast on the linotype machine, amazing Doug and Jackie, though Jackie takes an immediate dislike to the man and his gruff manner. Showing

There is no question but that Meredith has saved the paper and, to humor the old man, Sterling signs a paper giving Meredith his soul after death. But something fishy is going on. Meredith the linotype operator begins banging out stories even before Meredith the reporter has had time to discover them. And if, at first, the stories are about someone winning the lottery before he knows he's won , the scoops become more damaging and even lethal.

The high school principal is a bigamist. Two honeymooners drown. The rival paper burns down. By this time we know who Meredith is. The only improvement I would make is that, since Meredith's headlines always turn out to be true, he should have gone beyond the mayor's bigamy and into the surreal like some of our supermarket tabloids. And Meredith is superb in the role.

Printer's Devil Review: Fall by Thomas Dodson (Paperback) - Lulu

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He always has a crooked cigar clenched between his teeth. Those cigars remind me of the De Nobilis that the Italian men in my neighborhood would soak in wine before lighting up while they sat around playing bocce ball. He also has an eye for the women.

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He whispers an improper suggestion to pretty Secretary Pat Crowley, who slaps him and stalks off. Camille Franklin is Molly, the waitress in the local bar, and when Sterling is unable to pay for the drinks, Meredith hands her some bills, telling her to keep the change as a reward for her prompt service -- all the while ogling her chest.

And when she strolls away, Meredith remarks to Sterling, "She moves fast -- for a big one. Burgess Meredith sure knew how to pick his spots, or at least have Rod Serling pick them for him.

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This was his fourth Twilight Zone appearance, and at least a couple of them were Top Ten contenders 1. Sure, he had a clunker as well with 2. Dingle the Strong, but everyone's entitled to a mistake now and then. You have to get a kick out of his character here.

He's one of the all time great devils in disguise, and as a newspaper reporter, when he writes the news, he REALLY writes the news.

Printer's Devil Court by Susan Hill (Hardback, 2014)

I don't know when he first used the gesture, but how many times have you seen Meredith go for the finger to the nose gimmick. I'm pretty sure he pulled it off at least a couple of times in the 'Rocky' pictures. Then there's the neat Jeff Myrtlebank trick with the fingertip cigar lighter.

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I can overlook the lack of originality on that one because it was just plain cool. What might have been the best thing about this episode was the way Douglas Winter Robert Sterling was given the opportunity to write his own twist ending. Taking the matter into his own hands as it were, he manages to render his contract with the printer's devil null and void. Managing to beat the clock and Mr. Smith's deadline, editor Winter got the scoop when it counted, just in time to make the first edition in the far reaches of the Twilight Zone.

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AaronCapenBanner 3 November Robert Sterling stars as a newspaper editor named Douglas Winter who is at the end of his rope, since his newspaper the Courier is in big financial trouble, making him consider suicide. Intervening is devilish Mr. Smith played by Burgess Meredith who offers Winter the standard deal of success if he sells his soul, which he agrees to not believing it to be true, but when Smith keeps his word when the papers fortunes turn around, Winter realizes that he better find a way to trick this devil if he is to redeem his eternal soul Amusing episode with a good cast and clever ending, though otherwise it treads quite familiar ground that had been done before, and in less than an hour Printer's Devil benefits hugely from being an hourly episode.

Characters are more defined, there's a nice build-up in suspense though mainly for the paper's employees, rather then the viewer, who's already into Mr Smith's secret. Meredith is a delicious little Satan, but it really is Robert Sterlings acting that supports the narrative. I knew his face, but had no idea he was such a good actor. Printer's devil has stood passing of time a lot better than most - shorter - episodes and is still hugely enjoyable.

The climax could have been a bit better though..

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MartinHafer 13 June Had I never seen the several other earlier episodes of "The Twilight Zone" involving pacts with the Devil, this one surely would have been a very memorable show. However, considering how late it came and how well the top had already been covered almost the exact sort of material in the episode "Escape Clause", and the Devil was also the subject of many other shows in the series. As a result, the episode needs to lose a point or two for lacking originality. The show begins with a small and sad little newspaper about to be shut down because circulation is so low.

The final straw is when the linotype machine operator quits--so the owner knows it's finally time to close up shop for good.