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Is not the gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim better than the vintage of Abiezer? For thus it will be in the midst of the earth among the peoples, As the shaking of an olive tree, As the gleanings when the grape harvest is over. Thus says the LORD of hosts, "They will thoroughly glean as the vine the remnant of Israel; Pass your hand again like a grape gatherer Over the branches.

Woe is me! For I am Like the fruit pickers, like the grape gatherers There is not a cluster of grapes to eat, Or a first-ripe fig which I crave. If thieves came by night, They would destroy only until they had enough.

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When she rose to glean, Boaz commanded his servants, saying, "Let her glean even among the sheaves, and do not insult her. So she gleaned in the field until evening. Then she beat out what she had gleaned, and it was about an ephah of barley. She took it up and went into the city, and her mother-in-law saw what she had gleaned. She also took it out and gave Naomi what she had left after she was satisfied.

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Her mother-in-law then said to her, "Where did you glean today and where did you work? May he who took notice of you be blessed. Naomi said to her daughter-in-law, "May he be blessed of the LORD who has not withdrawn his kindness to the living and to the dead. And she lived with her mother-in-law. Then Boaz said to Ruth, "Listen carefully, my daughter. The manner in which the Holy Scriptures open is worthy of their Divine Author.

Nothing is said which enables us to fix the date of their creation; nothing is revealed concerning their appearance or inhabitants; nothing is told us about the modus operandi of their Divine Architect. We do not know whether the primitive heaven and earth were created a few thousands, or many millions of years ago.

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John Stott. In short, gleaning is not so much about what a business does—good deeds or social responsibility—but rather about who a business is: a community of people who show hospitality and empathy by creating opportunities for those on the margins to engage and flourish. God created the universe to need Him to operate. Jerome Zanchius. Charles Leiter. The next step is to choose a monthly or yearly subscription, and then enter your payment information. Casting Sins Away.

We are not informed as to whether they were called into existence in a moment of time, or whether the process of their formation covered an interval of long ages. The bare fact is stated: "In the beginning God created," and nothing is added to gratify the curious. The opening sentence of Holy Writ is not to be philosophized about, but is presented as a statement of truth to be received with unquestioning faith.

And yet, sufficient is expressed in this one brief sentence to expose every fallacy which man has invented concerning the Deity.

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This opening sentence of the Bible repudiates atheism , for it postulates the existence of God. It refutes materialism , for it distinguishes between God and His material creation. It abolishes pantheism , for it predicates that which necessitates a personal God. God is the great Originator and Initiator. It is the ignoring of this which is the basic error in all human schemes.

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False systems of theology and philosophy begin with man, and seek to work up to God. But this is a turning of things upside down. We must, in all our thinking, begin with God, and work down to man. Again, this is true of the Divine inspiration of the Scriptures. The Bible is couched in human language, it is addressed to human ears, it was written by human hands, but, in the beginning God "holy men of God spoke, moved by the Holy Spirit" 2 Pet.

xn-------43dacbbmdqgco6adwwx8cd8bte0a5c7a5cyi3e.xn--80asehdb/logs/reshebnik-angliyskiy/934.html This is also true of salvation. In Eden, Adam sinned, and brought in death; but his Maker was not taken by surprise: in the beginning God had provided for just such an emergency, for, "the Lamb" was "foreordained before the foundation of the world" 1 Pet. This is also true of the new creation. The soul that is saved, repents, believes, and serves the Lord; but, in the beginning, God chose us in Christ Eph. Certainly, the earth, on the morning of its creation, must have been vastly different from its chaotic state as described in Genesis It is now over a hundred years ago since Dr.

Chalmers called attention to the fact that the word "was" in Genesis should be translated "became," and that between the first two verses of Genesis 1 some terrible catastrophe must have intervened. That this catastrophe may have been connected with the apostasy of Satan, seems more than likely; that some catastrophe did occur is certain from Isaiah , which expressly declares that the earth was not created in the condition in which Genesis views it. What is found in the remainder of Genesis 1 refers not to the primitive creation but to the restoration of that which had fallen into ruins.

Genesis speaks of the original creation; Genesis describes the then condition of the earth six days before Adam was called into existence. To what remote point in time Genesis conducts us, or as to how long an interval passed before the earth " became " a ruin, we have no means of knowing; but if the surmises of geologists could be conclusively established there would be no conflict at all between the findings of science and the teaching of Scripture.

The unknown interval between the first two verses of Genesis 1, is wide enough to embrace all the prehistoric ages which may have elapsed; but all that took place from Genesis onwards transpired less than six thousand years ago. There is a wide difference between " creating " and " making ": to "create" is to call into existence something out of nothing; to "make" is to form or fashion something out of materials already existing.

A carpenter can "make" a chair out of wood, but he is quite unable to "create" the wood itself. In "six days," that is, literal days of twenty-four hours duration, the Lord completed the work of restoring and re-fashioning that which some terrible catastrophe had blasted and plunged into chaos. What follows in the remainder of Genesis 1 is to be regarded not as a poem, still less as an allegory, but as a literal , historical statement of Divine revelation. We have little patience with those who labor to show that the teaching of this chapter is in harmony with modern science—as well ask whether the celestial chronometer is in keeping with the timepiece at Greenwich.

Rather must it be the part of scientists to bring their declarations into accord with the teaching of Genesis 1, if they are to receive the respect of the children of God.

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The faith of the Christian rests not in the wisdom of man, nor does it stand in any need of buttressing from scientific savants. The faith of the Christian rests upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture, and we need nothing more. Too often have Christian apologists deserted their proper ground. For instance: one of the ancient tablets of Assyria is deciphered, and then it is triumphantly announced that some statements found in the historical portions of the Old Testament have been confirmed.

But that is only a turning of things upside down again. The Word of God needs no "confirming. In like manner, if the teachings of science square with Scripture, that goes to show the former are correct; if they conflict, that proves the postulates of science are false. The man of the world, and the pseudo-scientist may sneer at our logic, but that only demonstrates the truth of God's Word, which declares, "but the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him : neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned" 1 Cor.

Marvelously concise is what is found in Genesis 1. A single verse suffices to speak of the original creation of the heaven and the earth. Another verse is all that is needed to ac-scribe the awful chaos into which the ruined earth was plunged. And less than thirty verses more tell of the six days' work, during which the Lord "made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. For reconditeness of theme, and yet simplicity of language; for comprehensiveness of scope, and yet terseness of expression; for scientific exactitude, and yet the avoidance of all technical terms; it is unrivalled, and nothing can be found in the whole realm of literature which can be compared with it for a moment.

It stands in a class all by itself. If "brevity is the soul of wit" i. Contrast the labored formulae of the scientists, contrast the verbose writings of the poets, contrast the meaningless cosmogonies of the ancients and the foolish mythologies of the heathen, and the uniqueness of this Divine account of Creation and Restoration will at once appear.

Every line of this opening chapter of Holy Writ has stamped across it the autograph of Deity. Concerning the details of the six days' work we cannot now say very much. The orderly manner in which God proceeded, the ease with which He accomplished His work, the excellency of that which was produced, and the simplicity of the narrative, at once impress the reader. Out of the chaos was brought the "cosmos," which signifies order, arrangement, beauty; out of the waters emerged the earth; a scene of desolation, darkness and death, was transformed into one of light, life, and fertility, so that at the end all was pronounced "very good.

In the Hebrew there are just seven words in the opening verse of Genesis 1, and these are composed of twenty-eight letters, which is 7 multiplied by 4.

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Seven is the number of perfection, and four of creation, hence, we learn that the primary creation was perfect as it left its Maker's hands. The perfection of God's handiwork is further made to appear in the seven times the word "good" occurs here—verses 4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31—also the word "made" is found seven times in this section—Genesis , 16, 25, 26, 31; , 3. Seven times "heaven" is mentioned in this chapter—verses 1, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, And, it may be added, that "God" Himself is referred to in this opening section Gen.

Thus the seal of perfection is stamped upon everything God here did and made. Turning from the literal meaning of what is before us in this opening chapter of Holy Writ, we would dwell now upon that which has often been pointed out by others, namely, the typical significance of these verses. The order followed by God in re-constructing the old creation is the same which obtains in connection with the new creation, and in a remarkable manner the one is here made to foreshadow the other.

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The early history of this earth corresponds with the spiritual history of the believer in Christ. What occurred in connection with the world of old, finds its counterpart in the regenerated man. It is this line of truth which will now engage our attention. Coming fresh from the hands of their Creator, the heaven and the earth must have presented a scene of unequalled freshness and beauty. No groans of suffering were heard to mar the harmony of the song of "the morning stars" as they sang together Job No worm of corruption was there to defile the perfections of the Creator's handiwork.

No iniquitous rebel was there to challenge the supremacy of God.

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And no death shades were there to spread the spirit of gloom. God reigned supreme, without a rival, and everything was very good. So, too, in the beginning of this world's history, God also created man, and vastly different was his original state from that into which he subsequently fell. Made in the image and likeness of God, provided with a helpmate, placed in a small garden of delights, given dominion over all the lower orders of creation, "blessed" by His Maker, bidden to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and included in that which God pronounced "very good," Adam had all that heart could desire.