Evangelism by Fire: Keys for Effectively Reaching Others With the Gospel

How To Evangelize Door-to-Door: Seven Helpful Tips
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The Bible says the soul that sins will die, that the wages of sin is death, and that sinners are dead in transgressions and sin. The following spiritual applications can be drawn from the story in 2 Kings 4. To raise the dead:. Verses The mother did not just accept the child's death. The tendency would be to weep, call professional mourners, and prepare the body to lie in state. Instead, verse 21 she laid him on Elisha's bed, shut the door, and went to get the prophet.

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The Church must become a sending station instead of a place for rest and recreation. I am from Malaysia. Discover how to share Jesus' matchless message, use weapons of spiritual warfare, implement seven steps to success, and more. Experiential Our past experiences All Christians. Thank you my friend in Christ.

To understand this, you must read the account in 1 Kings where Elijah raised a child from the dead. Taking the child to the prophet's chamber was an act of faith recalling the miracle done by Elijah. She did not wait for the prophet to take him in. She took him in, expecting a similar miracle.

Effective Methods of Evangelism

God has raised dead men from the beginning of time. Take unsaved people, just as they are, to the place of a miracle. When you begin to act on faith, it increases.

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By the time she neared the prophet, her faith had increased. Verse 23 Her husband questioned, "Why are you going? It was not the new moon or Sabbath.

http://redex.ru/img/vaxoquruv/4636-installer-application-espion.php You may have to break with tradition to evangelize in the demonstration of power. People may tell you, "This is not the way we do things. When the woman came in search of life, he had no compassion and would have sent her away. The prophet showed concern. He asked, "Is it well with you and your husband and the child?

There are people who have struggled "up the hill" to get to us. They are vexed and falling at our feet, yet we thrust them away. We send them to secular counselors, drugs, or rehabilitation centers. We cannot send powerless men like Gehazi or substitute measures represented by the staff. To raise us from the death of sin, Jesus came into this world. He came where we were. The mother would settle for no substitutes. Dying men and women can settle for nothing other than the power of God that is able to breath new life into a dead soul.

When the woman shared her need, Elisha first sent Gehazi to minister to the child. Gehazi went ahead of Elisha and the woman, and laid the staff upon the child, but there was no response. If you are to raise the dead, you must follow the master's example. Read 1 Kings Elijah, who had been Elisha's master, set the example for raising a dead child. If Elisha had followed that example, he never would have sent Gehazi with his staff to try to do the job.

Elisha thought that God's power could work without his personal presence and efforts. We take doctrinal or practical truth and lay them upon the spiritually dead, but we do not personally become involved with them. We try many methods apart from personal involvement, but we will have no more effect upon a lost soul than did Elisha's staff.

Evangelism by Fire: Keys for Effectively Reaching Others With the Gospel

The letter of the law without the Spirit will never raise dead men. Verse 31 Gehazi did not really believe the child was dead. He reported back, "The child is not waked.

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It was dead. Gehazi was not really convinced but spoke as if it were only asleep.

Keys for Effectively Reaching Others with the Gospel

Unbelievers lost in sin are not just sleeping. It is a serious condition. It is spiritual death, and they will never be raised until we recognize this. When you fail in one attempt, do not give up. Do not infer from failure that you are not called to the task. The lesson of failure is not withdrawing from the mission, but changing the method. You must follow the method of the master.

As he entered into that inner chamber, Elisha already knew the source of his power. Some time before this event, the mantle of Elijah had fallen upon Elisha. He knew his source of power. It was tried and proven. By yourself, you cannot bring the dead hearts of men and women back to life. God is the source of your power. The mantle of His Holy Spirit has fallen upon you with a baptism of power. You Must Know The Objective: Your objective is not to cleanse a dead body, embalm it with spices, or cover it with fine linen.

These are all improvements, but you still have a dead body. Your objective is not to teach morality, self-improvement, cover sin, or change society. Your objective is new spiritual life! He placed his eyes upon its eyes, his hands upon its hands. The warm body of the man of God covered the cold body of the child. If you are to raise the dead, you must come into contact with death. If you will raise the dead, you must feel the chill and horror of that death.

One would think the grown man would have to contract himself on a child, but instead it says he stretched himself. Reaching out to dying men and women is a stretching experience. You must leave the comfort of your home and security of your Christian friends and environment. You must go out of your way. As he covered death with life, the warmth of his body entered the child.

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If you are dead yourself, this will not happen. Placing one corpse upon another is hopeless.

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It is vain for dying people to gather around another dead soul. Verse 34 indicates that the flesh of the child became warm. But Elisha did not just settle for this sign of life. It is not lukewarmness we are after, but life! Not mere emotionalism, but true revival. Elisha walked back and forth, waiting and no doubt calling upon God. Then he stretched himself upon the child again.