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Curious George Parade Day (Read-aloud)
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Help Curious George arrange the members of the band every possible way. Reading and Literature 3, Art, Music and Drama Musical Instruments Children's Book Characters Children's Book Worksheets 13, Music in Our Schools Month Manage My Favorites. Brought to you by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Whether you're looking to share classic characters with young students or to explore literature in more depth with older readers, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has something for everyone.

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Children are sure to enjoy learning this bed Read more. The Man then realizes that after teaching George everything for so long he forgot to teach him about nothing! He says that zero alone means nothing but when added to smaller numbers makes them bigger. The Man then sends George off to get the donuts with a paper that has an order of 1 Dozen Donuts. But George does not know about a dozen and changes the order to dozen donuts.

But after seeing just how many donuts dozen make he tries to do anything to get away with only 1 dozen.

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Curious George at the Parade [H. A. Rey, Margret Rey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When the man with the yellow hat takes George to. Curious George at the Parade book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When the man with the yellow hat takes George to see t.

The Man thinks it is so perfect he would like to take a picture of it. But when he runs out to get some camera batteries George decides to have a drink of grape juice and spills it on the rug! George knows how to clean it up, though—a lot of soap and water. But he uses so much he fills up the whole house with suds and water. Luckily he knows about the time his friends The Renkins' basement got flooded and they cleaned it out with a pump. George finds the pump at their house but has no easy way to get it back home. Bill shows George his boat and has him watch it for him while he has to run off.

But when an accident causes Bill's boat to sink and is no longer able to float, George has to build him a new one so he can use it in the contest instead. But all of the boats George build seem to have the same problem. So he decides to look at how the boats made by the other contestants were built so he can build one that floats.

She has just finished work on a very interesting clock where a band comes out and plays every hour. But when Compass comes flying in and George tries to show him the clock he accidentally breaks it and then winds up taking it completely apart when he tries to fix it.

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George goes to the library to try to find out how to fix it but not from a book. The library has a big clock tower on top that the whole city depends upon. But when the clock's chime scares George he winds up breaking the big clock as well.

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Bill is the proud owner of six bunnies and their rabbit mother. George wants to pet one of the bunnies but Bill has to run off on his paper route before he can let him do that. George tries to pet one but when he opens the hutch they all run off leaving George in a big game of hide and seek to find them all. Chef Pisghetti is cooking a meal for a famous restaurant critic.

Then George comes across some pasta the chef was cooking and had placed in a pot.

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Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Reference: their laptop has a banana logo on it, referring in a tongue-in-cheek fashion to Apple computers. That's when The Man With the Yellow Hat explains that a collection is made up of things that are related or the same, like his collection of pig sculptures. Quint at Lake Wannasinklake. He says that zero alone means nothing but when added to smaller numbers makes them bigger.

He notices that it had been crisp but is now all floppy. George then decides that kitchens are magic and finds other things to place in the "floppification pot". But the chef has a friend named Mr. Glass, a billionaire who owns an apartment building called the Glass Palace and has a love of all things unique. He hires George as a window washer.

Things go well until George sees some shadows in one room that look like jungle animals and decides to paint them.

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As a result, this causes Mr. Although Mr.

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Glass appreciates the room with the jungle animals and decides to rent it out. But soon George arrives and puts on the Doorman's uniform. This makes a deliveryman sign off a bunch of packages to him thinking he is the doorman. George opens all of the packages, which contain autographed balls, thinking they are all from him.

But when the person who was supposed to receive them sees them, George realizes his mistake. He and Hundley must then work together to re-package them and stack them up. George eventually tires of watching and decides to go to bed, but a strange and annoying sound in the house keeps him awake. He tries to track down what the sound is but he cannot seem to find it Then the Man tells him it is the sound of a cricket. George then tries to track down the cricket and remove it from the house so he can get some sleep.

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But when he gets home, The Man with the Yellow Hat wants to hear about all the dogs but George can only remember three. So he goes back to try to take note of them all and eventually brings them all home where he must find a way to organize them to count them easily. Bill has caught not fish, but tadpoles and he asks George to look after them as they grow up because "they do some amazing things".

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But when George figures they are growing tired of the same, small fishbowl, he decides to release them into the lagoon. Later he tries to do anything to get them back but only catches a small green creature which is not one of his tadpoles. Or is it? George will have to find out! The next day George sees that the puddle has shrunk and the ducks are flying off one by one in search of more water. He is determined to do anything to get them to stay around. Then he sees his pool, filled with water and empties it out to get it to the top of the hill where the ducks are. But afterward, he must find a way to re-fill it. George has never seen a doctor's office or a doctor before and becomes curious. After the doctor has to take a break, George puts on his coat and uses his equipment to try to track down a strange "bloopy" sound he had been hearing and, along the way, has to help several patients such as a woman with allergies a man with a broken arm and a woman with hiccups in the way only a monkey can.

George tries to find the exit, but mistakenly opens the wrong doors and finds himself surrounded by giraffes , meerkats and penguins.

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George must put the animals back in their homes. Alvin Einstein is only designed for someone with four hands. So, George winds up being the world's first monkey in space. George is told that he must activate the system that releases the goods for the station at a certain point and that his spaceship is in an orbit around the earth so he will eventually get back around to the station. When The Man with the Yellow Hat tells him that Bill will be riding home on a train, he takes him to the train station so George can see how a real one works. The Man's friend Mr.

Quint has a brother who owns the train station and is the station master and shows George how each train has a number on it and must arrive at a certain time. When Mr. Quint and his brother have business to attend to, George is left in charge of the station and must arrange the trains so they all arrive in counting order.

After one day of playing, though he comes back the next to see his pond almost empty.

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George finds out that the water is being held back by a dam that was built by a family of beavers , and they will not let him play in their pond. So George gets the idea to build a dam of his own to make a new pond. He later finds out that water is just as important a part of a beaver's home as the dam.

The only problem, though is that George can't stay up at night to count all of them.

Curious George Goes to the Parade

So he finds a system to keep track of which stars he has counted because, since you can't see stars in the day, he can only count at night.