A Short History of France (TREDITION CLASSICS)

A Brief Introduction to French Food and Cooking
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French Art and Architecture

The new orthodoxy asserted the claims of imagination and feeling against reason and of individual desire against social and moral convention. The syllable alexandrine that had been used to such effect by Jean Racine remained the standard line in verse, but the form was relaxed and reinvigorated; and the thematic domain of poetry was extended successively by Victor Hugo , Alfred de Vigny , Charles Baudelaire , and Arthur Rimbaud. All poetic form was thrown into the melting pot by the Modernist revolutions at the turn of the 20th century.

As the novel overtook poetry and drama to become the dominant literary form in the 19th century, French writers explored the possibilities of the genre and, in some cases, reinvented it. In the work of other writers, such as Stendhal , Gustave Flaubert , and Marcel Proust , each following his own distinctive path, a different kind of realism emerged, focused on a preoccupation with the analysis of individual action, motivation, and desire as well as a fascination with form.

Between them, the 19th-century French novelists traced the fate of the individualistic sensibilities born of aristocratic and high bourgeois culture as they engaged with the collectivizing forms of a nation moving toward mass culture and the threshold of democracy. During the first half of the 20th century, Paris remained the hub of European intellectual and artistic life. Its position was challenged from the s, and especially after World War II , by Anglo-American writers, many of whom honed their own skills within its culture and its borders; but it still continued to generate modes of thinking and writing that others followed.

Interpreting the French Revolution

From the s, proponents of the nouveau roman , or New Novel , mounted a radical attack on the conventions of the genre. At the same time, boulevard drama felt on its neck the breath of the avant-garde; and from the s onward French writers began stimulating new approaches to almost every field of rational inquiry. The international status of the French language has declined steadily since World War II, with the rise of American market hegemony and, especially, with the rapid spread of decolonization. The contribution of Francophone authors outside its borders to the renewal of French literary traditions has become increasingly significant.

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This article focuses on French literature produced within the Hexagon, as the country of France is often called because of the configuration of its boundaries, from the 9th century to which the earliest surviving fragmentary texts belong to the present day. Literary works written in French in countries outside the Hexagon, including former dependencies, are discussed under the appropriate national entries.

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The rapidly escalating Balkan crisis of caught France unaware, and it played only a small role in the coming of World War I. France was no longer the dominant power it had been before , but it played a major role in European economics, culture, diplomacy and military affairs. Louis VI was more a soldier and warmongering king than a scholar. It is one of the finest surviving examples of Renaissance architecture in northern Europe. It was not just an academic question, but a general political question in the West. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in late July, triggering Russian mobilization. Renaissance artists focused on the human figure.

For the French literature of Belgium, for example, see Belgian literature: French. Other related entries of significance are Anglo-Norman literature and African literature: Modern literatures in European languages. French literature. Article Media.

Chapter 4 : French paperback, graphics and contemporary covers (from the 50's to today)

French literature is, generally speaking, literature written in the French language, particularly by citizens of France; it may also refer to literature written by people living in France who speak traditional languages of France other than French .. A Short History of French Literature (Oxford University Press, ), pp., ISBN. The first written records for the history of France appeared in the Iron Age. What is now France .. The assumption of the crown in by Pepin the Short (son of Charles most local government was handled by the traditional French officialdom. Classical Greece · Roman Republic · Hellenistic period · Roman Empire.

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